Female Hormone Imbalance

Support & Management of Healthy Hormone Function

Dr. Beyer talks about Female Hormone Imbalance

Why do female hormones go out of balance and what your options are to naturally restore them?

There are very many reasons that hormones can go wrong and very few doctors understand the complexity and all the things that can influence the delicate balance of hormones.

Typically the medical approach is overly simplistic by putting you on various medications like birth control pills, synthetic hormones or even anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications.

There are many symptoms associated with hormone imbalance:

alternating menstrual cycle lengths (too short or too long)
pain and cramping during periods
scanty or heavy blood flow
breast or pelvic pain during menses
irritability or depressed during menses
migraine headaches
facial hair or loss of hair
hot flashes
brain fog
low libido
mood swings
vaginal dryness or painful intercourse
bloating and cramping

If you are tired of feeling the way you do and want REAL answers watch my video in its entirety and it could very well be the first step you take to feeling normal again.

I had suffered most of my life with many different female problems such as infertility, irregular period, weight gain and not being able to lose weight… I ended up seeing an endocrinologist and they thought I had thyroid problems [and such] and had been put on medicine… and everything I was doing was not helping… I searched “thyroid doctor near me” and Dr. Beyer’s website came up and I watched the videos… that a lot of the stuff that was on [there] makes sense so that’s when I decided to call and give him a try… not enough words to say how good I feel! I feel significantly better! …the science behind it that I learned here makes sense… everything worked! It was amazing that I finally got answers and they made sense… it’s worked phenomenally!

Jennifer C.

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