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Dr. Beyer discusses Whole Metabolic Wellness & Weight Loss

I would like to welcome you to Whole Metabolic Wellness & Weight Loss. The purpose of this website is to offer you information on the very common and misunderstood subject of metabolic wellness & weight loss and more importantly what you can do to finally get healthy, feel energetic & lose excess weight.
First let me emphasize that this plan stresses the HEALTHY way to losing excess weight. If you are looking for a “get thin quick” weight loss plan you are on the wrong site. The other point I wish to stress is that losing weight is much more complicate than simply burning calories and decreasing intake of calories.
Many poor health problems not only were caused by the extra weight but also actually caused the excess gain in the first place.

The four “pillars” to wellness & proper weight loss are the following:
1. Proper diet (and this can vary from person to person)
2. Proper exercise
3. Proper Metabolism
4. Proper mindset.

All of these are important but if you don’t have proper metabolism, proper diet and exercise won’t be enough to lose the weight you desire to lose. One of the biggest complaints I hear is “Dr. Beyer I truly exercise every day and limit my calories and my weight barely budges!”  When one has underlying metabolic problems that need to be identified and addressed- getting well- that is truly the key to success and whole body wellness and weight loss. This is what we do in our clinic. Through proper testing we pin point where underlying metabolic conditions lie and address them. Once the “wellness” portion of the program is addressed our unique approach to weight loss is employed.
On my full length video, available to you below, I go over each and every one of these metabolic problems and how we address them through functional medicine and lab testing.
Some of these include:
• Hormone imbalances
• Thyroid dysfunction and why this is commonly under diagnosed
• Inflammation and food sensitivities
• Leptin resistance
• Blood sugar problems
• Poor mitochondrial function
• Poor detoxification
• Digestive problems
• Immune system problems
• Loss of neuro(brain) endocrine balance
• Hidden anemias and many more….

If you are tired of feeling unwell,  overweight and fatigued I invite you to explore the many videos on this website. Both my full length video and testimonial videos of people, just like you, who got there lives back.

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