Conquering ADD/ADHD With Functional Neurology

Doc Talks About ADD/ADHD

Although much has been written on ADD/ADHD all agree on one thing and this is the fact that it is a neurological problem in which the brain’s ability to “tune out” trivial stimulus is limited. Thus, those that suffer with this have a decreased ability to stay focused or control their emotions.
Because our health care system is pharmaceutically driven the course of action that most doctors and pediatricians will take is to place a patient on central nervous stimulants such as Adderall®, Ritalin®, Vyvanse® etc. You will learn, as you watch our videos, that this may not be the best long term solution for your child or yourself. You need to know that there are other options.
In our clinic we practice functional neurology and functional medicine for management and support of neurological problems. This is based on the scientific principle of NEUROPLASTICITY.
Neuroplasticity simple means that if neurons in your brain are underdeveloped or unhealthy they can be changed. They can develop and they can become healthy. This would be akin to a weak muscle in the body. We all understand that if a muscle is weak or under developed given the right stimulation (exercise) it can be strengthened. Neurons are no different.
The area of the brain that is under performing in all spectrum disorders like ADD/ADHD is the prefrontal cortex usually on the right side. There are many underlying reasons this may happen. These are discussed on our full length video available to you on this website. Until these underlying reasons are identified and addressed, the person suffering with ADD/ADHD, will continue to suffer throughout life.
Addressing the underlying causes of pre frontal cortical dysfunction and then using specific brain-based exercises allows us to utilize the concept of neuroplasticity and make dramatic and permanent changes in the patient’s brain without the use of drugs.
We encourage you to explore this website and watch our full length video. It could be the first step in changing the life of your child or yourself!

“…his whole demeanor has changed! He used to get angry right away and hit at me. Now he speaks to communicate his feelings to me…His grades have improved from C’s & D’s to A’s & B’s!”

Michele M. (parent)

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