Vertigo, Dizziness & Balance Disorders

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Dr. Beyer talks about Vertigo, Dizziness & Balance Disorders

I would like to welcome you to our page on Vertigo and balance disorders. My purpose  is to share with you information on the true underlying causes of vertigo/dizziness and balance disorders and more importantly what can be done about them.

Typically when one suffers from Vertigo or starts to lose their balance they will go to their primary care physician only to end up with a prescription, typically meclizine, or be sent to physical therapy. The truth of the matter is that Vertigo and balance problems are a very complex neurological condition that is understood by very few physicians and therapists.

At Beyer Natural health solutions we practice functional neurology and functional medicine.

The ability to perceive and know where we are at and what is moving and not moving in our environment is extremely important for us to function properly. This perception of movement, whether it be our body or eyes moving or something in our environment moving , is carried to our brain from specific receptors in our eyes, our joints(especially from our neck), our muscles and our inner ear. This complex neurological system of gathering and perceiving motion is called our vestibular system. This system is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It never rests.

The part of this system that gathers the information (eyes, joints, muscles, inner ear) is called our peripheral vestibular system and the part that receives and interprets this information (brain stem, cerebellum and cerebral cortex) is called our central vestibular system.
Simply put if you are suffering from any abnormal perception of movement the neurons either in your peripheral or central nervous system are unhealthy! The only way to know where the dysfunction lies is by a thorough neurological exam by someone who understands this part of the nervous system.

Once we identify where the problem lies- we can then go about correcting it. Yes, sick and unhealthy neurons can get healthy. How is this done? It is based on a concept known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity  means neurons can change- for the good or the bad. In my full length video, available to you on this page, I explain exactly how this is done.

If you are suffering from vertigo/dizziness or balance problem I welcome you to explore this page. Look at the many testimonials of people, just like you, who suffered and found relief through our methods. Watch my full length video in its entirety. It may be the first step in getting your life back!

“I had severe dizziness, vomiting, and stomach upset. My doctor put me on Meclizine. It didn’t help. Since coming to see Dr. Beyer my symptoms have improved 98.9%! I most certainly recommend this program!”

Geri L.

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