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Our Mission Is to Provide Exceptional Care to All of Our Patients.

At Beyer Natural Health Solutions Clinic in Tinley Park we pride ourselves in delivering exceptionally attentive, respectful, compassionate and timely services to all of our patients. We have served over 11,000 patients since 1988 and many are like family to us. We foster an environment that increases the quality of life for our patients by focusing on the patient and their particular needs. When you come into Beyer Natural Health Solutions Clinic you can be confident that your health needs will be addressed with the most advanced and accurate protocols available, delivered by a professional, compassionate and caring team.

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Every patient is different. What causes symptoms in one patient may be different than what causes symptoms in another. Every care plan is created for your unique health care needs.

Thyroid Recovery

How can thyroid conditions be managed without all the information? Burning out the thyroid gland with hormone replacement is a 50+ year old model. In order to manage thyroid conditions one needs to look at the causes of the problem not just the symptoms.

Autoimmune Remission

Traditional medicine can only mask symptoms of autoimmune disease while the true underlying causes continue to progress- ravaging the rest of the body and brain. Autoimmune disease is complex and misdiagnosed. What is needed is a comprehensive approach.

Digestive Recovery

Learn the physiology of the many different types of digestive conditions, discover what the underlying causes are and, more importantly, what can be done to mitigate or even eliminate symptoms. mmmmmmmm

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain

What Fibromyalgia really is, is a neurological problem. The neurons in your brain that have the function of “tuning out” pain are not functioning and/or the neurons that perceive pain are firing too high and are overly sensitive. Always there are underlying metabolic reasons why this is happening.

Type 2 Diabetes

From a functional medicine point of view the culprits behind elevated blood sugar and elevated insulin have to be identified and removed. There are many more culprits to elevated blood sugar and elevated insulin than diet and exercise.One must learn what they are and, more importantly, what can be done to identify and remove them.

Female Hormone Imbalance

There are very many reasons that hormones can go wrong and very few doctors understand the complexity and all the things that can influence the delicate balance of hormones. One has to uncover the root causes to eliminate the symptoms of female hormone imbalances.

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“I was a very desperate person when I came in to see Dr. Beyer… I was having many issues, mostly with my thyroid, it scared me a lot…I’m a breast cancer survivor, I had high blood pressure, I had high cholesterol, I had acid re-flux. I go see an endocrinologist and of course they put me on medication… I saw an ad in the paper and so came in to see Dr. Beyer and went to his seminar. We came in we listened to Dr. Beyer… we liked what we heard and decided to give it a try… I actually started the program October 9th 2017 my heart rate dropped to normal in December I saw my general practitioner they took me off of all of my blood pressure medication… off of my cholesterol medication… my endocrinologist called me and told me to stop taking my thyroid medication immediately because it completely switched from one on to another… I had a sleep study done during this time because I did have sleep apnea… but the sleep apnea was gone! I lost 40 lbs without even trying! God bless these two people they’ve been fantastic!”



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