There's 22 ways the thyroid will slow down or stop functioning- traditional medicine looks at one.

I was recently asked by a medical doctor, “What exactly do you do for patients who come to you for thyroid disorder?” Unfortunately we only had a few minutes in our busy schedules to discuss a very long, complex subject.
For the next ten minutes I quickly reviewed what I will attempt to share in these next ensuing weeks and that is this: In the scientific literature (studies presented in respected scientific journals) there are 22 different ways that thyroid function can be depleted or functionally low! To add to the complexity of the thyroid dilemma each of these 22 mechanisms of low thyroid has multiple causes!
Now to add to this thyroid dilemma is the fact that traditional medicine only looks at only one of these 22 mechanisms and the one they look at isn’t even the most common cause of low thyroid, which I will discuss on my video series. Is there any wonder that there are millions of Americans walking around with fatigue, weight gain, depression, digestive issues, hair loss and all the many symptoms of under active thyroid and don’t even know it. It’s maddening!
The good news is that through functional medicine and the proper testing most of these causes can be discovered and greatly helped. In some cases co-management (functional and traditional medicine working together) is needed.
Either way the point I am trying to make is that one cannot fix a problem unless the causes of the problem are identified.
Most of my patients that I have been able to help with thyroid issues have multiple causes. It is much more complicated that just looking at TSH.
So if one is suffering from the symptoms of low thyroid and is not getting answers or results, I will be posting informative videos for the next few months-  “22 ways the thyroid can malfunction”.
The first 4 causes of low thyroid all begin with a dysfunction in the brain known as the hypothalamus, an area that is rarely if ever, looked at by traditional medicine.