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In this short video Dr. Beyer discusses how traditional medicine only looks at one cause of low thyroid function and has only one remedy- more medication!

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Even in the world of functional medicine attempts to fix thyroid function via supplementation are often short sighted and are not looking at the entire picture. There are 22 causes of low thyroid function. It continues to be a complex issue that needs a comprehensive approach.
For these reasons I’ve created a free, informative class “Thyroid Recovery”. I invite you to view my full Thyroid Recovery video where you will learn

  • The 22 causes of low thyroid function
  • The 6 major thyroid patterns
  • How to get to the root cause of low thyroid function
  • How to eliminate or even eradicate symptoms of low thyroid naturally

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8 Reasons Why You Are Still Suffering With Symptoms of Your Thyroid Condition:

Do you wonder why, even though you are on thyroid medication, you still suffer with all of the symptoms of your thyroid condition? Or maybe initially you felt better on your thyroid medication until all the symptoms started to come back? Here are eight reasons why you are still suffering…

1. The cause of your thyroid condition could be coming from your gut. Everybody knows about TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) “My doctor says my TSH is too high.” “My doctor said my TSH is too low.” TSH this and TSH that-but are you aware that in order for TSH to be released form the brain you need adequate amounts of two very important neurotransmitters Serotonine and Dopamine? And guess where these are made? The gut! So, bad gut= bad thyroid.

2. The cause of your thyroid problem could be coming from your adrenal glands. These are your stress glands. When they are overtaxed they emit, in high amounts, a hormone called cortisol. High Cortisol is the arch-enemy to your thyroid function.

3. The cause of your thyroid problem is a faulty immune system. The number one reason for under-active thyroid is a condition in which your immune system is mistakenly attacking the gland. This is called Hasimotos thyroiditis. It is estimated that 70-80% of thyroid patients have this but few know it because the doctor doesn’t check for it.

4. Most doctors look at T4 as the main hormone when in actuality T3 is the active form of the hormone! Most doctors don’t even check for T3 on the blood work.

5. Most hormone replacement medications are NOT T3 but are T4 and your doctor is assuming it gets converted to T3 in the body. This isn’t always the case.

6. Estrogen dominance is something that almost all women suffer from for many reasons. When there is not enough progesterone in the body to balance your estrogens your thyroid will not function properly.

7. Doctors always follow lab ranges. Lab ranges are determined by who has been to the lab in the last year. What kind of people go to labs sick or healthy? Sick for the most part. When your doctor is making a determination on whether you have a problem or not he or she is comparing you to the average sick American. That’s crazy! We use functional ranges in which health exists. This is why so many are told they are OK when they really are not OK.

8. The medical approach to the thyroid dilemma is over simplistic. It looks at only one piece of the puzzle. It is a model that has not changed since 1961. In all my years of practice I have not seen one endocrinologist check for any of the things mentioned above.

“I was a very desperate person when I came in to see Dr. Beyer… I was having many issues, mostly with my thyroid, it scared me a lot…I’m a breast cancer survivor, I had high blood pressure, I had high cholesterol, I had acid re-flux. I go see an endocrinologist and of course they put me on medication… I saw an ad in the paper and so came in to see Dr. Beyer and went to his seminar. We came in we listened to Dr. Beyer… we liked what we heard and decided to give it a try… I actually started the program October 9th 2017 my heart rate dropped to normal in December I saw my general practitioner they took me off of all of my blood pressure medication… off of my cholesterol medication… my endocrinologist called me and told me to stop taking my thyroid medication immediately because it completely switched from one on to another… I had a sleep study done during this time because I did have sleep apnea… but the sleep apnea was gone! I lost 40 lbs without even trying! God bless these two people they’ve been fantastic!”



Get Started on The Way to Thyroid Recovery!

Watch the full length video today!

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