Restore Thyroid Function

Dr. Edward Beyer, DC and Alexa Weiler, CCN, LDN of Beyer Natural Health Solutions reveal how their Thyroid Recovery Program is helping people with weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, cold hands/feet, depression, insomnia, nervousness/anxiety, heart palpitations, muscle weakness, muscle aches/pains/cramping, and digestive problems after only one program!

What Is a Thyroid Recovery Program?

Thyroid Hormone is the Body’s Major Metabolic Hormone! It keeps each cell’s metabolic processing going by turning genes on and off!

Thyroid Recovery Program

Who Thyroid Dysfunction Affects?

  • 27 million Americans suffer from Thyroid Dysfunction
  • 50% go undiagnosed
  • Over 70% are due to Autoimmune disorders
  • 90% are Female
  • About 1/8 of females end up with a thyroid problem

Thyroid Management

  • How can I know for sure if I have a thyroid problem?
  • Why does my MD say my labs are normal but I do not feel normal?
  • Is my MD missing something, if so, what?
  • How can Functional Medicine identify and correct whatever thyroid problem I have?
  • What specific lab tests do I need to finally figure out my health?

Traditional Medicine Management

  • Looks at only one of the 22 patterns
  • TSH <— —> T4 Feedback Loop
  • Manages symptoms with pharmaceuticals
  • Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction are far-reaching!


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